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A few things about me and my job

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

People are often quite interested to know why I chose this job. So in the interest of sharing a little more about me with you here's why:

It feels natural to me

The first reason is one that I can’t explain exactly. But that yes it just feels natural to me. I’ve had a few other jobs before this – support worker, teacher, office jobs, barista, Librarian. And while I’m glad I had all those jobs as I learnt a lot from all of them, I never really enjoyed working them and they didn’t give me a sense of reward that I was doing something I was good at. With sex work I do have that. It’s no small thing to me that after several jobs that just didn’t fit me I feel I have found a niche and an area I'm excited to work in.

I get to learn about super interesting things

It’s just my thing! I get to learn about things that I love. I learn so much from spending intimate time with my clients. And then I also get to go to workshops on tantra, conscious kink, massage, communication skills, consent and boundaries to name but a few. I’d go to them all anyway! But now I get to go to them to help me in my work. Plus sex work means I have the time and money to fit many more of these in.

I get more time to give myself what I need

I have the benefits of being self-employed. I can be choosy about who I work with, when I work and when I don’t work, when I take time off. I have a flexibility that I didn’t have in my other jobs so it’s easier for me than ever before to prioritise my needs. I can fit in more yoga classes, more long walks, stay a little bit longer at coffee with my friends, visit professionals in the self development field more often. Since I started sex work I have been able to do this much more than ever before. It’s been a great choice for me and I’m grateful I could choose it.

I get to have more fun than I ever thought possible at work

I get to spend intimate, connected, warm and sensual time with people. And what’s more it’s the purpose of my job to make that time as pleasurable as I can. I’m providing a service and so the time is focused on my client’s needs and wants in each moment and yes I do enjoy it too. Sometimes my clients want to give me pleasure and want to see me receive that pleasure. Sometimes they want me to show them what feels really good to me and I get to teach them something new. And spending that connected and intimate time with someone, I always learn something special too.

So these are some of my reasons. It was lovely to share them with you! And if you book a session and become one of my clients then I’ll get to learn about your special joys and passions too. That would be awesome ;-)

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Katie Ellen
Katie Ellen
21 wrz 2019

Thank you for reading and commenting! x


19 kwi 2019

I have been lucky to meet Katie. She is a very special and sensual lady.

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